Edinburgh little details

What can I say, I’m a sucker for a lovely window and some fencing…

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Edinburgh

We meet again...

Last year we went on a little trip to Edinburgh - one of my favourite places in the world - though it feels like it was much longer ago to be honest. However I was reminded of our little visit when I got some photos back recently and there were some photos I’d totally forgotten taking there.

When I looked at these two photos I was absolutely sure that I’d taken them before. And after a root around in my archives I finally found the photo below taken with my Diana Mini in 2010!!


Isn’t it funny how I took almost exactly the same photo 8 years later, without even realising. It’s actually making me miss the square format of the Diana Mini - maybe I should use it again now I have my own scanner…

Top photos: Camera - Canon EOS 750, Agfa Vista 200 film
Last photo: Camera - Diana Mini, Kodak 200 film
Location: All taken in Edinburgh along the canal

Edinburgh Little Details

It’s been nearly a whole year since we were in Edinburgh so I’m a bit late sharing these. But I got round to it, and thats what matters.

I’ve been struggling a little with a couple of these where the main object I wanted in focus isn’t - and I’ve been trying to decide if that detracts from them as a final result. The skull grave (an intended nod to my interwebs friend Dianne) isn’t in focus - yet the ivy behind it is - and once I start looking at the ivy I kind of get sucked into the textures and reflections of light… and almost forget the grave stone is there. Not my intention… but I think I like it. What do you think?

I’ve totally forgotten the name of the dog statue - I’ll have to look it up and update this (at some point ha) but I loved it!

Edit: I looked it up and its Bum the dog. Bum!! How could I forget that?! Anyway, Bum the St Bernard Spaniel cross is from San Diego and San Diego is a twin city of Edinburgh apparently.

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
FIlm: Agfa Vista 200
Camera: Canon EOS 750