an old friend and lovely light

First, I guess I should explain that the old friend I'm referring to is the camera rather than any of the subject matter in the photos - that's the lovely light. But for some reason I was drawn to take my yashica samurai with me on a trip to York last month and oh gosh, I'm so glad that I did.


According to this blog I haven't used this camera since 2014?! I'm pretty sure that was when I got massively distracted by my LC-A before I then moved onto my Canon EOS 750 ha. I'm amazed I got so distracted that I didn't pick it up once or twice though because so many of my favourite photos have been taken with my yashica samurai and as these photos show, it really does well in gorgeous light! 

Do you go through camera phases too? Which camera should you really pick up again? I'm really tempted to pick up one of my other cameras again now - but which one to use next!

Camera: Yashica Samurai (if you're not familiar with how it looks, see here!)
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: York

p.s. Film photography has really come along internet wise - the first time I googled this camera ever (2010ish), it was barely talked about but now there are loads of people talking about it and sharing photos, how exciting! I love it when a camera I like is also enjoyed by others.