Day 108: More black and white photos

For some reason my usually trusty Canon camera had a weird day and the photo counter went from about 15 to 0 for no reason at all. I hadn't taken any photos that day so I went to take one and thankfully it kept shooting like normal. But even though it seemed ok, I wasn't happy with the idea of not being 100% certain for the next few days as it could risk my 366 project - especially when I was doing so well and had successfully passed 100 (woo). So instead of risking it I decided to keep taking photos around the house to see what happened. I eventually reached the end of the film and when I scanned the film it looked like only a few didn't actually work, so I have no idea what happened but its been fine ever since thankfully. Weird but there we go.

Anyway, after all that... here are a few fabricy type photos from around our house. I did a fabric study for my A Level Art course and ever since I've always been interested in how it falls and creates shapes and shadows so I wasn't surprised I was drawn to these photos as I walked around.

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Kodak BW400CN