An Early Christmas Present for you

I don't usually post on weekends but as its exactly two weeks until Christmas (eeeep!), I wanted to share a gift with you all - my annual freebie calendar download!

Following on from last years format which I really loved - this years calendar features photos AND inspirational quotes about photography. I also realised that over the course of this year I've taken a lot of photos that I really, really love, so I'm excited and happy to get this chance to share them with you in a more personal way rather than just photos on a blog. 

To shake things up, this year is a mixture of photo essays (4 photos together to produce a story of the location/day) and my favourite single photos of the year. I really love how it looks and I think even if I'm the only person to print it out and hang it up - I'm totally fine with that haha. However if you do like what you see... use the download button below and enjoy!! 

As always, thank you so much for reading, for looking at my photos and for taking some of your time to spend here in my little space of the internet - I've always said I have the best readers/friends through this blog and you guys have never proved me wrong!!