7. Five Facts about Me!


1. I'm totally obsessed with wool and yarn at the moment - I love crochet and I'm trying to teach myself knitting too (purling is just knitting backwards... who knew?!). *

2. It's my 30th birthday next month - I was more upset about turning 28 if I'm honest - 28 sounds like the kind of age where you have to get your shiz together (I definitely didn't at 28 ha, not sure I have now either) - 30 I'm just looking forward to :)

3. I used to really hate peas and beans but now I love them. Does that ever happen to you? You think you don't like something for a while and then you have them sometime later and actually enjoy them? If there isn't beans at breakfast then I don't want to know.

4. I stopped dying my hair over a year ago and I love it, its so soft and I love how the grey streaks look - they make me feel like Polgara (win if you know who that is ha).

5. I find yoga really hard but I still love it. My Instagram feed is pretty much wool, puppies and yoga (what more do you need) and I look at all these amazing yogis and I wonder if their legs seize up like mine do too  (sometimes for no reason at all - so no touching my toes for a few days until they relax again - that makes yoga interesting) or if they struggle with wrist problems (thanks cad... not you though crochet, I love you) too but they slog on like I do.  I like that its hard though - because when I do get nearly my whole hand on the floor or I can reach past my toes(!), it feels like my bodies finally starting to be on my side rather than not and I appreciate that its finally starting to come around haha. Its only taken how many years?!

So there you are - let me know some random facts about you - yours will probably be more creative than mine because my brain always freezes with these types of posts. Any random questions you want to ask that might inspire me?

* Small side note celebration - Pinterest is as crochet obsessed as I am as I hit 2k followers this week - woohoo! Yeay for sharing your passions :)