Our Mini Moon - Hebden Bridge

Don't you love the phrase mini-moon? I'm glad we had one just so that I can keep saying mini-moon haha.

After a week in Norfolk with our family at Piggyback Barns (I have photos of that week too but I'm still editing those after scanning - its taking much longer to do this myself that's for sure) we decided to have a couple of days away to ourselves and luckily my family were so kind as to pay for it as our wedding gift too. We wanted somewhere in Yorkshire that we hadn't been to before, somewhere just far enough away that it felt like a holiday but close enough that we didn't have to travel for hours and most importantly we wanted somewhere we could do lots of walking. Thomas found a lovely little place in Hebden Bridge just outside the town near Hardcastle Craggs and it was perfect - everything that we wanted, hurray!

As you can see, Hebden Bridge was just lovely - the canal was wonderful to walk along (and the pub The Stubbing Wharf was perfect for a drink after walking too), the shops were delightful and the cafes and bars were great too!

Even though we were only really in the town for a little while we got a really great feel for Hebden Bridge and I definitely think we'll go back again. 

Camera: Canon EOS 750
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Hebden Bridge