Brimham Rocks Part... Part II

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Photo25_24A Photo20_19A Photo19_18A

Hello! I'm still here don't worry, haha, life has been pretty busy lately but don't worry I haven't forgotten completely about my little blog...

It's been a fair while since we went to Brimham Rocks (I think in Feb?) but I realised I still had photos to share going through my USB stick of photos from the year, so here are some more. I have no idea whats happening here but I kind of like it. Anyone have any ideas? Its Kodak BW400CN film (which they're discontinuing?! I think I might have to dedicate a post to that at some point and also buy ALL the Kodak BW400CN film I see... gutted).

I would definitely love to go back to Brimham Rocks again, it was such a unique and interesting  place!

Camera: Refurb LC-A
Film: Kodak BW400CN (sigh)
Location: Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire