A Weekend in London

Can you believe that these are some of my first film photos of London?! Thomas and I used to live in London a lifetime ago but I wasn't using film cameras then (or even really taking digital photos) and although we've been back since, I never took my cameras with me.

I love London, I feel nostalgic when I'm there for a life we used to have, I love the reminders of the memories we created and it's nice to be there and know that I know it. Granted I don't know a lot of it (London is big) but I always feel like I've come home going on the tube, seeing the red buses and walking at that slightly faster pace.

Photo06_19A Photo20_5A
Photo14_11A Photo17_8A

You can see St Paul's Cathedral in the last photo. True story -  I worked just around the corner from there for a year, but I didn't realise how close I actually was until I had to catch a different tube home about 4 months after I started. I walked down the road, turned the corner and there it was. I was also really close to Fleet Street and had no idea!

We stayed in the Travelodge near Liverpool St and Aldgate and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for somewhere cheap in London to stay - it's in a great location! You can easily walk to the river from there, past the Tower of London and cross over Tower Bridge before heading towards South Bank and Westminister.

Camera: Refurb LC-A
Film: Lomo 400
Location: London, England