Out of alignment...

Photo38_35A Photo13_10A
Photo12_9A Photo26_23A Photo39_36A

My favourite thing about film photography is the surprises. I do my best to limit them, to control the process and get a wonderful photograph, but the developing and scanning part of the films life is out of my hands.

At first I was a upset when this disc came back with misaligned photos on it - but I quickly checked the negative and luckily, that was fine... the camera is fine. The scanning process however obviously didn't like my photos haha.

Now I've got used to them, I actually quite like them... it's easy to forget when you look at just one photo that they came from a whole roll of photos, a journey through time perceived by the photographer and with these photos you get an idea of what came before and what came after - even if it is only a glimpse.

Camera: Olympus OM-10
Film: Kodak Gold
Location: Porto, Portugal