Moving my blog forward...

I often have lots of aims for this blog but I never really implement them, however last week I rather impulsively decided to set up sponsorship through Passionfruit ads. The main reason for doing this is that money is one of the main things that triggers my anxiety... and last week I had to pay my Squarespace account for the year. It's not a huge amount of money - but I forgot about it and realised that 'yikes' that's more money to spend and 'yikes' do I have that money? I did, but only just and that kind of freaked out a little.

Overall I spend about £100 a year keeping this blog up and running - £70ish (depending on the exchange rate) for Squarespace and £24 on Flickr. Add on top of that all the photos I take and that small amount gets a fair bit bigger. I would spend the film money anyway (to an extent) I imagine, but I realised that just having the money to keep my blog running wasn't enough, I needed to have definite money to keep my blog running - I do not want to stop blogging because of money.

So, here is my plan for my blog moving forward so that I can keep it running...

  • Sponsorship - not many or charging a fortune, I know this is not how to make real money with my blog and my audience isn't as big as it once was, but if I can help others to promote their shop/blog/stuff then I'm happy to have adverts in my sidebar and also make a small amount a month to put in my blog/photos fund.
  • My photography course. I know, I keep talking about it... but it has a name now and a plan. I just need to fill that out. I have no idea how many people will even want to take part in it, but I'm going for it! Woohoo!
  • Blurb books - I've nearly finished one Blurb book based on why I love my photos, but I'm thinking perhaps a Paris one, Porto one? I don't know but there are lots of options. Is there any you'd like to see?
  • Update my Society 6 with new photos.
  • And that is it for now... but I'll keep thinking.

So why I am putting this all in a post?

Well first I wanted to tell you - I'm accepting sponsors now - woohoo!! Help me keep my blog full of beautiful photos :)

But also, one thing I try to maintain here is honesty... I've been through a tough start of this year mentally, and putting my blog first hasn't been on my agenda until recently, but I've come to realise that here is my happy place and I want to look after it now and try to even grow it a little, especially after last weeks money scare.

How about you? How do you plan to move your blog forward? Can you think of anything you'd like from me - perhaps more than one course (I did wonder about a specific toy camera course, but do people still use them for that? haha). Maybe some film photography ebooks - or a series of them?

I've changed a lot in the last year and I think I'm finally ready to let this space evolve with me. Hopefully you find that as exciting as I do... x