Lomography XR 50-200 35mm is back!!

I am so excited!!!

I love this film and I've been mourning its mysterious disappearance for a while now, but it is back on the Lomography UK website in 35mm format and I am bouncing off the walls happy about it. I have no idea for how long its available but I've already bought 3 packs (I would have bought more honestly but my credit card can only take so much of a beating, lets be honest...)

So to celebrate, here are some of my favourite photos taken with this film. Happy happy happy!

Photo34_30A Photo17_13 Photo08_1660A Photo14_11 Photo40_36A


You can see why I'm excited now right? What films do you love that you would be this excited about buying?

p.s. I wasn't not paid or sponsored for this post - I just seriously love this film. Hurray!

p.s.s. It may have also been back for a while - but I only just saw - and if it has - why didn't anyone tell me?!