Brimham Rocks Part 1

Just when I'm starting to get fed up of the long winters, the rain and other miserable weather (Hello Spring?) - England throws me a curve ball and shows me something so stunning and unusual, I struggle to believe that it's real, let alone in the country that I live in.

Brimham Rocks is that curveball. I won't say much more - just look at the photos - this place is unreal and I often think that perhaps I went through a portal and ended up in Narnia rather than only being an hour away from Leeds.

Photo33_31A Photo13_12A Photo10_9A Photo04_3A Photo02_1A Photo16_15A Photo18_17A

I'm a little bit sad looking through these photos as I also took my Zenit camera with me but unfortunately the film didn't roll on properly (5 years of practice at this is still not enough obviously haha, even with stringent checking) so I have none of the detail shots on film that I have in my memory.

However, I think really, that just means that I have to go back again, perhaps in the Summer next time :)

Location: Brimham Rocks, Yorkshire
Camera: Refurb LC-A
Film: Kodak BW400CN