After the coffees gone...

Photo14_15A Photo14_13A

In terms of being a blogger I'm pretty rubbish at taking photos of my food and drinks... I usually just want to eat or drink whatever is in front of me. Also sometimes I think tables of food can look too pretty, too stylised, too seemingly perfect in photos. I rarely compose a scene, I just react and take photos of what I see (and like) and set tables of food or drink never last for long, especially around me (ha).

However, I've become quite taken with these photos of finished coffees and snacks (I had a scone in the top photo and a teacake in the bottom in case you are wondering, they were both tasty. Oh and decaf cappuccinos to drink.) from a couple of weekends ago. I always check we've never left anything behind leaving a table and for some reason that weekend I noticed that actually we leave behind quite a lot. But there's something so organic to the mess, the used cups and saucers - to how different people place their spoons, to how the chairs have been pushed into the table... and even though I looked a little odd, I snapped these two shots as quickly as I could.

I'm starting to sense another unplanned theme of photos to take in the future, hurray!