A rather lovely wedding... Part I

This August two of our dear, amazing friends got married, to each other (!) and it was beautiful, lovely and so wonderful. The bride and groom asked me to take some photos with my film cameras and I happily (if nervously) agreed and I've been so excited to share a few here as I think they're some of my best photos from the year... you can't beat taking photographs of people you love, who themselves are in love and in a happy environment.

Photo20_18A Photo03_2 Photo18_4 Photo34_4 Photo16_14A Photo08_7 Photo07_5A

I was so nervous that I'd messed up somehow - not loaded the films properly, not checked the ISO of the film and changed it on the camera, not focused properly (you get the idea, it all could have gone so wrong haha) -  so imagine the relief I felt when I got the rolls of film back and they looked like this! 

Camera: Olympus OM-10
Film: Lomo CN 400
Location: Whitwell Station (possibly the most amazing venue for a wedding ever!)