Oh Kodak BW400CN

In August, Kodak announced that they were discontinuing their C41 black and white film - Kodak BW400CN and my heart sank. Other than Ilford XP2 - Ilford's C41 B&W film - this was the only other B&W film that I use.  I know purests love true black and white film over the C41 versions but it's just so much easier for me to develop rather than having to send films away. 

So my heart is sad that another film I love won't be around much longer - I'm going to try and buy as much as I can when I can afford it - but I guess I will have to consider other black and white films to get the contrasts that I like so much with Kodak BW400CN film.

Luckily, I still have photos left to share from 3 rolls of film on here - so this next week or so is going to be a mini celebration of Kodak's C41 BW400CN film - but before I share those photos, today I'm going to share my favourite ever photos I've taken with this film.

Snow Detail Photo08_8 Quiet Monkey
Whitby Lighthouse Photo29_25A
Photo07_7 Photo32_32
Untitled Photo30_26A The North Pier, Blackpool Holy Island Boat Sheds

I'm still so sad to see this film go! Have you used it? Do you have any favourite photos taken with Kodak BW400CN?

If you want to see ALL my photos taken with this film that I've uploaded so far - you can see them on Flickr here.

p.s. I had a couple of weeks off to gather my thoughts and have a little break, but I'm back - thanks for sticking with me everyone who reads this - you're the best!