Around our studio apartment...

Although we researched where we were going to stay fairly well, we were still surprised by how great the location we had for our studio* was. Located between the Old Town and the Marjan Forest Park, we wound around the tiny streets of Split every day and I loved all the little details we saw.

Photo12_12 Photo10_10
Photo11_11 Photo03_3

I particularly loved the fish mural, the terracotta roofs and I may have quite a few more photos of palm trees still to share too - I didn't quite get over the novelty of those haha.

Camera: Refurbished LC-A
Film: Agfa Vista 200
Location: Split, Croatia

*We stayed here in Studio Apartment 1 if you're interested - Thomas and I would both recommend it if you're considering Split as a destination and Nikola - our host was amazing and very friendly.