We've been drawn...

Not me and Thomas, but me and my Dad (surprise Dad haha) . My long time blog friend Megan from Studio MME (who has been featured here numerous times, yeay)  has been doing a 365 project drawing portraits. A few weeks ago, she asked for more photo submissions and on a whim I sent her not only a picture of myself but also a photo of my Dad, Adrian, on Hadrian's Wall (its His wall you see...) and here are the results.

Studio MME portraits.jpg

Don't we look smiley? I love that we have matching smiles in these :) 
 and even if I don't look as cute as Megan has portrayed me in that top photo, I love the idea of her seeing me like that, thanks Megan!


If you're interested in having your portrait drawn by Megan as well, you can find more information to contact her here.  She also has more portraits on her Facebook page too (which someone should like, as its on 999 and I'm pretty sure she'd love to hit 1000 likes on there :D )