Holy Island: Inside Lindisfarne Castle

I'm not very brave with taking photos inside with film cameras as usually with my plastic and Lomo cameras they never work out very well. But in comparison my Zenit B is a very forgiving camera, in fact, most of my favourite photos with it have been taken inside. So I decided to be a bit braver with it and take some photos inside Lindisfarne Castle, though by a bit braver, I mean 5 photos instead of maybe 2 haha. And as you can see, just to be safe, they are all of very bright places with big windows.

Photo20_20 Photo14_14
Photo15_15 Photo22_22

I guess technically that last photo is outside, but it was within the castle grounds, so I'm putting it here anyway. Also, I usually like an even number of photos in posts... (You probably didn't notice. You'll notice now.)

I wouldn't say I'm 100% thrilled with these photos, I'm still having fun balancing the manual exposure with my Zenit B and even though this is a 200 iso film, I still managed to overexpose a lot of the photos outside which is frustrating.

On the plus side, the inside of Lindisfarne Castle was amazing and for £7 (ish, I don't fully remember) entry, I thought it was a bargain as the castle tour just seemed to keep going with room after stunning room to look around. In fact I even would say it was better than I was expecting and I had high expecations.

Location: Lindisfarne Castle,  England
Camera: Zenit B
Film: Fuji Superia 200