August Break 2013

It's time for Susannah's August Break again! Can you believe it? I kind of can and I kind of can't. In many ways, last year feels likes it was decades ago, whilst in some it feels like it was just yesterday.  

I've been taking part in Susannah Conway's August Break for the past 3 years and I've always enjoyed it but I'm especially excited this year as its a little bit different - there are prompts! So this year, as well as scheduling posts here  (it is a break after all) with some forgotten photos from Flickr in line with the prompts, I will also be taking a photo on the day and sharing that on Instagram. I'm pretty excited about shaking the August Break up a little bit, but also glad to be having the break too. Perhaps after a little rest from here, I'll get my blogging mojo back.

Will you be taking part? If you want more information on the August Break, you can read about it on Susannah's blog here :)