Halloween in Haworth

I'm enjoying the alliteration in that title... It's the little things right?

Every time I use this afga vista film, the weather never seems to meet my expectations for a 200 ISO film (perhaps I'm too optimistic?). But my little LC-A manages anyway and I always end up liking the results of this film from a duller day. I love that film constantly surprises me.

Photo07_7 Photo17_17 Photo21_19A

Halloween is my sisters birthday, so usually we don't do much to celebrate as its always been her day in my eyes, but as my sister was in Haworth with me, it felt fully justified to take photos of the decorations this year. I loved that quite a few places went all out with hanging things outside their houses and I loved the understated decorations too!

Camera: Refurb LC-A (and 1 OM-10 photo, points for guessing the right photo...) 
Film: Agfa Vista (and 1 Lomo CN400)
Location: Haworth