I love elephants, I can't remember a time when I didn't. My first real memory of liking them is doing a project on them when I was little - my Dad and I spent ages researching the different types and then I had to draw them... My Dad liked my drawings... I like my Dad, I liked drawing and I liked elephants, it was fun.

So I was pretty excited about seeing the elephants at Blackpool Zoo and I knew that I really wanted to get a photo of them on film...

Photo06_4 Photo07_5 Photo21_20

We were actually really lucky to get photos of them outside in the end, as we only saw them outside the once out of the entire day and that one time involved them forming a queue and then pushing each other out of the door... so it was pretty reluctant, it was cold that day.

Still, I'm thrilled to have seen them, and so close too. But as much as I love elephants, I'm still pretty wary of them - they are huge and so strong - so we didn't spend ages looking at them, but I enjoyed the time we did send with them.

Location: Blackpool Zoo Cameras: Zenit B & LC-A Film: Kodak BW400CN