365/2013 65-77

I'm running a little behind on this project in terms of uploading the photos here, but I have to admit it is growing on me, though the fact that its getting closer and closer to 100 is quite staggering!


65. I kind of want to buy my own case on Society6... is that wrong?
66. I've seen this man walking his dogs around Kirkstall for the past 5 years but I've never taken a photo before... (you can just make them out in the trees right?)
67. Blackpool beach!
68. Cocktails with lunch, I say.
69. At the zoo, there were elephants, I was excited!
70. Finally some sunshine on the train. Shame it was heading back to Leeds...
71. A sunny start to my day back at work.
72. Playing around with Blurb
73. I developed my Blackpool photos, hurray!
74. Pizza night with some of our best friends :)
75. We saw Back to the Future here, it was awesome!
76. I am absolutely in love with the crochet weave stitch.