365/2013 53-64

365 53-64

53. It feels like ages ago but I was ill for a few days and this was the view from our bed. 54. Luckily my parents came to visit to cheer me up. 55. Random stuff in our house... 56. I received the most amazing handmade gift from one of my best friends, it came with a tissue as she knew it would make me cry :) 57. My first ever text from my Grandad made my day 58. The sun was shining 59. We went for dinner and shared this amazing dessert, yum 60. A snowdrop in our front garden. 61. My little sister and I found the photobooth in Manchester :) 62. A lazy Sunday 63. I made Harry a tunisian crochet jacket and he wore it out for the first time, hurray 64. Out for lunch in the sunshine

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