On writing an e-course

I've mentioned a few times in passing that I've been trying to write a Toy Camera inspired e-course... I get a lot of questions about my cameras and I thought, well if people go out of their way to ask me about it, then maybe I can share what I've learnt through an e course and the more I thought about it, the more I loved the idea. However, it took me about 2 or 3 months to just write the structure of the course out. I'm not kidding. This is not an easy task.

My first mistake was in trying to write a course to teach people how to use their cameras. I've never had any photography lessons, or been taught anything to do with film or plastic cameras. Everything that I know, I've found out myself and learnt through (a lot) of trial and error. So in the end, I really struggled, as I wasn't 100% sure on all the actual facts to start with or whether people would want to learn from a self taught, mistake maker. (heh, I like that... self taught, mistake maker...)

It was only last week, after leaving the plan for a couple of weeks, that I realised exactly what it is that I want to share with people. I want to share my passion and love for toy camera and film photography. I want people to take part and want to pick up their camera and take photos. I want them to love their photos, enjoy taking them and share the results enthusiastically. I want to reach out to like minded people and talk to them about photos, really get to know them and their style, what makes them tick, what they're scared of, what they want to achieve. I want to share it all with them.

And in that moment, I realised that this course wasn't about the cameras at all, it was about my photography journey and what I've learnt so far and its about their journey and where they want to be. And I think, that in being a part of this course with other people, I'm actually going to learn as much as they will because no one's photography journey ever really ends, your goals change, your results change, you change... and your photography always reflects that.

Gosh, I'm so excited about it, I just need to actually write the actual content now, haha. (also I needed to get this out too before I start... any encouragement/kicks up the butt would be most appreciated)

p.s. I am absolutely terrified that no one is actually going to want to do this course, but I'm writing it anyway. Score one for bravery.

p.p.s. I'm also attempting to share more on here, score two!