365/2013 29-40

I can't decide if I'm enjoying this project or not. On one hand its become much easier to take photos every day as it's getting lighter in the evenings, and I'm a lot less picky about what to share... in fact, I'm surprised by how quickly its become a part of my day to take a photo for it. But honestly, I'm not a huge fan of my digital photos, they just don't feel like they're me, if that makes sense... perhaps I'm just missing my film cameras today.


29. Evening snacks
30. Our first gig of the year, woo!
31. My current favourite chocolate, its so good.
32. It was light waiting for the bus, hurray!
33. I found an old photo of my parents, its awesome!
34. Dinner with my love. We had steak. it was tasty.
35. At the dentist... honestly. poshest waiting room ever.
36. Snow photos finally developed!
37. A (highly edited) selfie for some facts about me on Instagram, always fun lol.
38. One of the horses near my bus stop.
39. Local Natives!! Already a contender for my favourite gig of the year, they're amazing.
40. Think big :)

Happy weekend! I think I'm going to take some film photos for a couple of days.