365/2013 11-19

I've actually found this project to be quite hard... although I've been trying not to put too much pressure on myself to get a certain type of photo, picking just one photo for the day is actually quite difficult. I'm hoping that I'll get the hang of exactly what it is I'm looking for as the year goes along.

I am a little bit amazed that its the 22nd of January already though - this month has flown by!

365 11-19

11. The 11th was a bit of a slow day but dinner was delicious - chilli stuffed aubergine with cheese and jalapeños. 12. Looking around Leeds Art Gallery with Thomas's brother who came to visit. 13. As part of my word of the year 'alleviate' I've been slowly sorting through my things. Here I finally organised some of my books and cameras in our bedroom. 14. Snow! The start of lots of snow photos :) 15. Learning to crochet doilies. (I could quite easily make every day a crochet photo it seems) 16. I got two films developed from my parents house last week, they were both about 14 years old! So heres a photo of me with one of my high school projects. I was pretty pleased with that dog toy. 17. Waiting for the bus in light snow. 18. Curled up at home with a blanket playing Mahjong... bliss. 19. Afternoon tea with Clare... it wasn't as tasty as it looks unfortunately, but I always enjoy spending time with Clare :)

~ You can see more of my 365 photos here and I'm sharing them on Instagram too ~

p.s. I've updated the Films I Use page to include all the film that I've ever used, its a bit crazy now with nearly 25, but it looks much better and more organised. Have a look if you're interested.