Much love Monday in Whitby

Photo05_1APhoto30_26A Photo18_14A Photo25_21A Photo26_22A Photo13_9A Photo20_16A Photo24_20A Photo31_27A Photo21_17A Photo06_2A {My Dad likes to take photos too}


I wasn't that blown away originally by this roll of film. I think it's too easy to compare colour negative film with cross processed slide films sometimes but now I'm quite keen on the muted colours and subtle contrasts, they seem suit my memory of Whitby so much better.

I'm know Anna doesn't do her Much Love Monday posts any more, but with the lovely heart that is in one of these photos (did you see it?) I couldn't resist.

Location: Whitby, England. Film: Lomograpy Colour Negative 400 Camera: Refurb LC-A

p.s. It's December! I added snow to my blog. It's silly I know, but I don't care, our Christmas tree is up, my Christmas desktop background is in place and I am ready to get festive, woohoo!