Robin Hood's Bay, Part 1

I'm not really sure why its called Robin Hood's Bay considering that it isn't anywhere near Nottingham...perhaps the smugglers that used it stole from the rich to give to the poor?

Anyway, this bay is kind of what I would imagine my quiet, safe place to look like and every time I look at these photos I feel the same as when we were there, calm and relaxed.

Photo38_38 Photo36_36 Photo30_30 Photo26_26 Photo31_31 Photo29_29 Photo25_25 Photo24_24 Photo23_23

I was a bit worried about using a black and white film as the colours were so lovely but I think that I actually prefer the look of the black and white tones here, the contrast is perfect.

Location: Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire Camera: Refurb LC-A Film: Kodak BW400CN