Ahoy there!

I know... I'm still posting photos of Whitby. We're getting there with them though I promise.I definitely need to go out and take some new photos soon.

Whilst we were in Whitby we went for a ride on the replica Endeavor (which you can see here, I think I've posted that photo already). The original Endeavor was built in Whitby and it was fun to think what it would have been like to see it in the harbour.

Photo35_31A Photo36_32A Photo33_29A Photo34_30A Photo39_35A Photo37_33A Photo38_34A Photo40_36A

I also pretended that I was a pirate, just for a second :) then I took more photos.

Location: Whitby, England. Film: Lomo Colour Negative 400 Camera: Refurb LC-A