The first photoswap photos...

Sometimes I doubt why I put the photoswap together each year - I'm not the most organised person and on top of that, every year someone gets disappointed by either the mail or their partner and waiting for the films to be sent often the most tense part for me... but then the photos start to appear in the Flickr group and my heart skips a little beat and I remember exactly why I put the swap on.

So here are some photos from the swap so far that make my heart skip and remind me of the excitement and joy of film.

photoswap 04

Eep, that face! Photo taken by Clio and sent to Amy.

Photo Swap 2012

I love these colours! Photo taken by Michelle and sent to Kelly Ann


The light is so pretty! Photo taken by Jazzy and sent to Nadine

Photo Swap 2012

So simple and stunning! Photo taken by Kelly Ann and sent to Michelle

There are many more photos in the Flickr group and I've loved looking through them all, I think that I get just as excited when they start to appear as the swappers involved :)