10 Years

(This is one of the first photos that we ever had together... I still love it)

I don't usually get sappy on here, but I couldn't let this date pass by without a quick mention.

It's hard to believe that Thomas and I have been together for 10 years, sometimes it feels like no time at all since I first saw him in his way too big duffel coat and stripey hat and other times it feels like I can't remember life without him with me.

I remember when we first met (at a tender 17) I was so enthusiastic about love, I never expected it to be hard to be in a relationship, but no matter how hard its been, we've made it through together and come out stronger and as I said at 7 years... still loving each other, more and more everyday.

p.s. We're having a low key celebration by going to our favourite places and eating and drinking our favourite things, I can't think of anything more perfect :) I'm a lucky lady.