An amazing offer...

It's been no secret here that I am completely in awe of Susannah Conway and having taken part in one of her E-course's this is even more true.
When she announced her book, This I Know, I knew that I would own it, I had to. For a number of years now Susannah has been a huge inspiration to me - both in my blogging and photography and there was no way I was missing out on her book. However, I was going to be patient and ask for it for my birthday (which isn't really that far away now...) along with Instant Love until I saw this...

Pre-order This I Know and get a free E-Course by Susannah for free. FREE!!

So of course, I caved and pre-ordered it 
and then did a little dance.

"The goal of Exploring the Senses is the renewal of our senses – becoming more aware of them, how we use them and how we can strengthen them. It’s so easy to jog through life with our eyes shut, our ears closed, our sense of smell dialled down to zero, so we’re going to be gently challenging this as we work through the course. This I Know is all about mindfulness, living in the present moment and mining our lives to uncover the truth about the past and our dream."

I can not wait to start!!

For more information on this offer please check out Susannah's blog post today, 
 I can promise that you won't regret it.

Note. This special pre-order offer will close at midnight GMT on Monday June 4th 2012.