Heysham in colour...

 {I had to take a photo of the yellow of course}Photo34_32Photo39_37
Hi Mum, Dad and Harry :) 
No idea who the boys below are though and we actually didn't see them after that either... weird. It's ok though because I'm populating my photos!

I always like to take two (or more, haha) different cameras with me to new places as they capture things so differently, the Yashica Samurai can zoom so I could capture the birds in the distance as well as the delicate flowers, whilst the Diana Mini seems more suited to tones, light and atmosphere than details.

 I do think they are both important to capture somewhere though - and also represent you and how you see things and sometimes one camera or film isn't really enough to do that...

I'm so relieved that it is Friday, this week has been busy, a bit stressful and I've sulked about things beyond my control a fair bit... but as my good friends have told me - you can only worry about the things you can change... so this evening I'm going to go home, spend the evening with my love and have a nice bottle of wine and hopefully that will be a good start to a worry free weekend.
See you next week!

Update: Before I forget - Susannah Conway's registration for the next Photo Meditations and Unravelling opens tomorrow, I can highly recommend the Photo Meditations and I have no doubt that her Unravelling course is just as amazing, so don't miss out.

Camera: Yashica Samurai
Film: Lomography Colour Negative 400
Location: Heysham