Grasmere Part 2 - Diana Mini

Whilst most of the photos I took in Grasmere with my yashica were of the village, these photos were taken along a path that followed the river behind the village and back to the car park... a walk that turned out to be far better than any of us expected.

There is almost a feeling of serenity in the Fells (hills) of the Lake District - an indifference to the world around it and the constant changes happening that don't seem to affect the area.... the sheep certainally didn't care about us wandering through and neither did the clouds in the distance that softly covered the very tips of the Fells making them seem much larger than they were.

I'm a constant worrier and that feeling of letting those worries go and just enjoying my surroundings for those brief moments where I pressed the shutter button was exactly what I wanted that weekend... and sometimes a moment is all you need.

Camera: Diana Mini
Film: Ilford XP2 iso 400
Location: Grasmere, The Lake District