LC-A woes...

Out of the 6 films that I developed this week - 2 were taken with my LC-A and unfortunately only half of one roll and just 2 photos from the other roll worked . After doing a bit of research (and help from friends, thanks Angie!) I'm really hoping that it's the batteries that are the problem and I've ordered some Silver Oxide ones for my next roll.I really hope it is that as this camera was really starting to grow on me and I'm happy with the photos that did work out...  These were taken at the Lomo Meet Up in Manchester.


{This one was for Alyssa lol} 


{LC-A love with my new Lomo friend Jenny


I decided to add the last photo for all the ones that didn't work out :( I hate it when something goes wrong when taking photos. I do love that clock photo though and I'm so glad that one came out well.

Have a great weekend!!