It's that time of year again...

{image by Ktelqueen}

Can you believe it? I can't quite to be honest... but here we are.

Around this time over the last two years, I've written posts about sending christmas cards and I have decided that I want to send cards out again this year (hurray)

So if anyone would like to receive a card from me then send an email to
rhiannelouise {at}
before the 25th of November (a month before... see what I did there...) with your postal address,
and if you want my address as well, let me know!

Eep, I'm so excited, I love love love christmas
(I'm currently planning my christmas music as I type, woo)

p.s. If I've sent you a card before, its probably best to send me your address again, I'm unorganised...

Oh and if you don't celebrate christmas but still want a card from me then let me know as well!