Knaresborough - Capturing the details with my holga...

Since experimenting with expired film with my Ricoh (which I need to take out again) I've been dying to try it out in other cameras - last weekend was the perfect opportunity to try it with my wee Helga the Holga.

The fun of taking two cameras around with you all the time is trying to balance what to take photos of - it's easy to take the same picture twice but I think I've finally craked it - one to capture to details, one to capture the 'feel'... The redscale in my superheadz captured the feel of Knaresborough wonderfully and it left me free to capture the details of Knaresborough and to experiment with the focus a little more with my holga.

I'm really beginning to enjoy capturing the details that perhaps others might not see - the beautiful letter box, the battered old signs, the lovely colours in the windows... they take my breath away. And I just love the cat...

Happy weekend!
I'm going to try not to take too many photos, I still have too many to share :)

p.s. G - did you see the name of the road in one of the pictures? You'll like it...

p.p.s. I just noticed that Harry snuck into the last photo, this makes me happy.