It's nearly August already?!

Seriously... where has this year gone?
However, August is great because it means...

~ August Break!~
I loved taking part in Susannah's August Break last year and this year I'm using it as an excuse to share photos from the last two years that I haven't shared on here yet .. there were more than I expected, though I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, my Flickr does have over 1,000 photos on there now and I'd say most of them are film.

~ Paris! ~
Thats right, the last week of August, Thomas and I are going to Paris, for a week and I'm taking at least 7 cameras and lots of film. I can not wait already!!

I'll try and sneak in a what I'm packing post, like I did for Krakow... the outfits will be slightly different I feel and I have some amazing guest posters to keep my little blog company whilst we're away, woo!

See you in August, it's going to amazing, I can tell.
Have a great weekend!