Manchester Lomo Roadshow

{Please note: All photos are by the talented Explorette with an LC-A camera and Lomography Xpro Chrome film, I'm so impressed that she has already developed her photos. You can see the rest of her amazing photos from the day here.
These are used with her permission so please do not reuse them. }

On Saturday I was lucky enough to be invited to help out the amazing Lomography UK ladies with the Manchester leg of the Lomo Roadshow that has been touring the country.

I had such a good time!

It was great getting to meet people that I've talked to on twitter and through my blog and also so fun meeting new people as well. I spent most of the time watching other people take photos... I always love watching how others see things and it was great to be walking along and have other people just stop next to me as they caught something that they wanted to photograph.

I also got to see some amazing cameras (many that I didn't actually have) and use an LC-A(!!) of course now I want the new LC-A more than anything but I can be patient. Just.

I love the fact that through the internet and my blog I've joined some amazing communities and I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot more time on the Lomography website looking at people's photos and making new friends.

p.s. I'm in most of these photos, can you spot me?

p.p.s. I'm having a bit of a blog redesign so sorry its a bit messy at the moment.