Today is an odd day.

Today is an odd day.
My family got some bad news yesterday and it's thrown me a little.
I'm more confused about what to think about it than anything,
but I'm so excited that it's finally mine and Thomas's week off together...
Which is conflicting.
I think I need the break though now - from everything
a little time to regroup...
remember whats important
and forget about all the little things I'm worried about.
Especially as I'm beginning to think that this year is going to be a very tough one.

I was incredibly lucky to see some deer cross my path this morning though, I only had my crappy mobile, so the photos aren't great (you can kind of see them in the first two photos) but it was nice to just stand there, a little awe struck and watch the world go on around me for a little bit...

Sorry this post is a bit meh and uninformative, I wanted to sign off all excited and I am, especially about the guest posts, they are going to be amazing... and I really can't wait to spend all day with Thomas for the whole week... it's just more of a tame excitement now I guess.

Have a great week, enjoy the guest posts!