Oh my...

Somedays, I really struggle to think of something to blog - something that I actually want to share... My mood has always dictated how I work (which kind of sucks sometimes when I need to produce something amazing but I really don't feel like it...) but luckily (for us all) I feel like my mood is starting to improve...

and then, sometimes, I just stumble onto something amazing that has to be shared.

(Found on one of my fave blogs Love and Photographs)

the lover-tine
mixed media on panel board

the friend-tine
mixed media on panel board

lady hue
mixed media

Aren't they beautiful? The last one is my favourite... and you can pay what you want. Amazing!!

You can see more prints and details about how to get them here!

{all prints are by Caitlin Connolly from Hue and Hum who also has her own lovely blog here}