New blog layout...

Eeee, I'm excited about this.

So I mentioned a while ago that I was getting twitchy about my blog layout but all I did was update my post and sidebar font... well, but now I've completely updated it. I wanted something fresh, clean, with less 'stuff' and I wanted a side header (it still changes when you refresh too, yeay). I loved Katrina's layout Lemon Meringue on Powered by Pastries with the smaller header on the side and I loved as well what Ana and Elle did with it - but it wasn't exactly what I wanted... but I think this is.

Some aspects still need tweaking but I'm in no rush to sort everything out straight away, so I apologise if the images to the right still look a bit messy, I think I'll be tweaking it for a while yet, my last layout took me months to get right.

p.s. I finally a have photoshop at work, woo (though I still think is amazing for free) so the pretty sparkles are for C and because I've wanted to use the sequins from Pugly Pixel since I first saw them :)