A little celebration with a dash of honesty...

So far this week has sucked.
After such an amazing weekend, it seems even worse than it actually is in comparison.

Mostly I've been disappointed... and there's nothing you can do about being disappointed in something. It's beyond your control and all you can really do is react to a situation... and this week I've been so surprised, I haven't really reacted well (especially with unexpected ankle pain too). Sometimes I wonder if I set my expectations too high... but right now, I think that my expectations are just right and that if I'm disappointed then perhaps there is a good reason for it.

Anyway, I'm trying to write this post about how the week may be turning around... and how
somehow my little blog manages to turn my frown upside down
(admittedly I have failed slightly at this and just ranted... oops. it feels good though haha)

This month is my little blogs 2nd birthday.
Can you believe that? I'm pretty sure it's first birthday was only yesterday... but there you go. Time flies when you're having fun.
this morning I woke up to 600 followers through blogger!!

600 you guys!!! I still can't believe it - my faith in myself has just burst through the roof. It astounds me that so many people have stuck around and you still want to read along...

For some reason I really struggled with 500 - I hit a solid wall of terror. Alot of my favourite blogs when I started (years ago now haha) had around 500 followers, I thought perhaps it was a fluke... and people would start to drop away, bored of photos and my small obsession with cameras. There was no way my blog was as good as my favourite blogs...

But now, perhaps I'm starting to believe it is - that my photos are good enough, that my life is worth sharing... it's funny how it can take 2 years, some cameras, 600 amazing strangers and alot of worrying to realise something like that.

I don't have any massive giveaways planned to celebrate or anything really to offer you - I'm a little too unorganised for that... (that and I outdid myself with Diana mini week!) so really I'm just writing this post to say thank you.

Thank you for reading, thank you for sticking through the good and the bad, thank you for your comments, emails, messages, tweets etc... thank you for supporting me and in turn, my blog and shop... and thank you for being you.

Happy Wednesday lovelies! The week can only get better now right??