A massive etsy shop update!

I've been a really busy bee in my shop lately...
(It now has 65 items in it, woo!)

Inspired by Diana Mini week, I added some more photos to my diana mini section
(you can click on each image to get to the item listing)

And today I'm adding some more photos from my yashica samurai that I had completely forgotten I had... oops!

And a brand new print of Leeds from our photography date, taken with my superheads yellow peace (that camera seriously love the light!) hurray!!

p.s. If you love my prints (and made it to the end of this post) but aren't quite will to commit to buying (yet... lol, I'll take a photo you can't resist eventually :D) - you'll be delighted to hear that the lovely Meghan is having a giveaway of them over on