It's in the bag... blog crawl.

A Hasty Life
You've probably seen some other bloggers taking part in Ashley from 'A Hasty Life' It's in the bag blog crawl.... it's been really fun reading the previous posts so far!
(see here for everyone taking part, its quite epic...)

I've always meant to do one of these posts but as I started I remembered that my bag isn't really that glam and thats prob why I haven't actually done one before, haha, but here goes anyway...

First up - the bag. I got this Nica bag for christmas a couple of years ago from Thomas and I use it everyday, I love it. Especially the flower. I have a complete weakness for Nica bags, I'll have one in each colour one day!!!

Next... my stuff. I have so much stuff... I have become my Mum, haha.

1. Vaseline (1 of 2, not sure how that happened)

2. House keys - I love my practical torch keyring!
3. Hair ties and pins... they are everywhere!
4. YELLOW ipod (love!) and my new amazing headphones.
5. Another torch - I like to be practical.
6. My fave colourful umbrella I've had for ages now, it always cheers me up in the rain
(and it rains alot here, haha)
7. Benefit erase paste, I wear it everyday. It is amazing.
8. Cute mirror from my parents :)
9. Rimmel Mascara, I wear it everyday. It is amazing.
10. Work keys and bottle opener key with my cute diana keyring.
11. Hand gel.
12. Another vaseline, another (Kath Kidson, cute) mirror and some headache tablets.
13. USB sticks - where all my photos live.
14. My Matthew Williamson purse, I love it, how my sister found it when it was sold out everywhere else is beyond me :)
15. Air mail stickers (for sending etsy things, hehe)
16. Fuji Instax Minis - these are also everywhere lol.
17. Important things like railcards and post its!
18. Hair brush - should really be with number 3, oops.
19. Phone cable - as good as the camera is - it dies fairly quickly now...
20. My fave scarf.
21. Healthy snacks!
How was that? Not too boring I hope...

Don't forget to visit A Hasty Life to see the list of other bloggers involved and perhaps visit a blog you haven't seen before (I'm heading over to A Bloggable Life tomorrow!)
p.s. I'm going home tomorrow to surprise my Nanna on her bday (shes 70!) but I do hope to post something... it will prob end up being pictures of Harry haha.