On the second week of Christmas...a giveaway - closed!

On the second week of christmas...

We both fell ill with the worst cold ever*
*perhaps a slight exageration, but only slight.
I spent two full days in bed feeling quite sorry for myself...
surrounded by lemsip, tissues and pixar movies,
and I failed on this weeks giveaway.


However, we still got our tree up at the weekend and I am back today, hurray!
I did have something else planned for this week - however that fell through,
so now I can only offer what I have
(don't worrry, I don't think you can catch a cold digitally...)

A giveaway of my own prints!

This giveaway is now closed.

Thank you so much for supporting my blog this year
these giveaways are a massive thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys it!
I still do, so I hope you do as well.