We have a gallery wall in our bedroom! I'm so excited about it...
Every time that I walk in the room it makes me smile.

Though please forgive the horrid photo - my phone likes to randomly set itself to the smaller, worse setting when taking pictures (which is so frustrating!!)

Included on the wall (so far) is:

~ Some pretty prints I won from Pop Pop Portraits ~
~ My fave print from Violet May ~
~ Some lovely camera postcards from Lola's Room ~
~ My fave macaron print from City of Blackbirds ~
~ Pugs not Drugs card from Gemma Correll ~
(I love it!)
~ One of Thomas's photoswap photos ~
~ A picture of Thomas's old cat Timmy ~
~ The Time-Travelling Tourists print from Studio MME ~
(I have been waiting forever to get that on a wall!)
~ A wonderful print of Cromer we brought in Norfolk ~

I can't wait to keep adding to it!