A blog day of silence for Daddy Butch

Like most of my blog friends, I can't exactly remember h0w I found Summer, or when her blog became a daily read... sometimes it truly feels like I've known some bloggers forever and even now I struggle to imagine not having them in my life somehow... (whether through blogging, facebook, twitter, emails, letters... etc)

I never expected when I started my blog that I would make great friends, that I would adore people that I have never met or that I would come to love their families as much as them. However, the blogging world has completely captured my heart and now it is breaking for one of the loveliest girls on here.

Although this isn't a silent post, I want to dedicate my post today to Summer, her family and her amazing Dad - and also to any other bloggers who have lost close family or who are stuggling with any kind of loss - we all know deep down that no ones life is perfect no matter how it may seem on a blog and I think today is the right time to remember that as well as remembering Daddy Butch.

I'm still completely blown away by the response that this has had on the blogging community and I really really hope that Summer can feel the love and know that her Daddy is remembered and celebrated and he will live on not just through her but through her blog that has touched so many lifes.