My favourite Holga photos... Part 1!

*warning - this is a long photo post*

Can you believe that since I've had my holga I've taken 14 rolls of film - thats more than one a month and I don't care to think how much money. It's been completely worth it though!

Each film has been a joy and I constantly find myself looking back through my photos, remembering exactly how I felt when I heard the shutter snap and I am always changing which photo is my favourite in each film...

So here is are my current favourites from each film that you may not have seen before.

Roll 1: I heart Kirkstall Abbey!

Roll 2: Our first holga shadow photos, I love the colours!

Roll 3: Hurray for Scarborough and double exposures!

Roll 4: A different side of Birmingham…

Roll 5: Me taking a picture of C taking a picture of G, taking a picture… haha, love it.
Oh and theres another gorgeous Abbey in the background…

Roll 6: I had to include Harry of course!

Roll 7: I love the mountains in the background.

Roll 8: The gorgeous beach at Llandwynn Island

Roll 9: Some pretty bikes in Caernarfon

Roll 10: I’m spotting a trend of bright colours and high contrast!

Roll 11: Playing with my fish eyes lens. I should really use it more…
Roll 12: One of my photoswap photos I sent

Roll 13: A beautiful stream in Malham.

Roll 14: Kirkstall Abbey again, I love it.

Eee, I think I'm going to have to do a similar post again next year, this has been so much fun (though harder to pick just one from each roll than I thought) I love my holga!!

p.s. you guys are amazing, such a fantastic response to the giveaway, I'm happily overwhelmed.