Hurray, it's Friday!

{a couple of double exposures from Bolton Abbey I never got round to posting}
This week has been so exciting, I have absolutely loved celebrating my holga and I'm still incredibly excited about the giveaway, the response has been amazing! There's still a week to enter as well, hurray!

We have so many busy weekends coming up but this weekend I plan to take some photos for the swap (with helga of course), go for lunch on saturday, breakfast on sunday and hopefully start some premature packing for our impending move. It should be a busy weekend I think, I can't wait.

To finish off celebrating my holga week, here are some amazing holga related links for the weekend!

(an amazing holga blog, check out her links page for more holga resources)
(I'm not sure - I would want a small viewfinder)
Have a wonderful weekend!!